Body Armour Whey Triple Blast + FREE PERFUME



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  • Whey Imported from USA
  • Easy Mixibility
  • Perfect blend of WPC WPI WPH
  • Great Taste
  • Better Absorption with DigiZyme

Product Overview/Description

A chiselled body needs more than just a whey protein. Body Armour Whey Triple Blast is a blend of WPH, WPI and WPC which delivers high-quality macronutrient, power-packed with 24 g of protein serving high amounts of naturally occurring amino acids, the body needs every day.

Body Armour Whey Triple Blast is made to push the range of protein supplement to uncharted levels.
Body Armour Whey Triple Blast sets a new benchmark in the protein category with its best-in-class quality being manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility.

Manufactured through Ultrafiltration and Crossflow Microfiltration (CFM) technology, Body Armour Whey Triple Blast keeps the native micro-fractions, without denaturing the natural protein fractions.

Body Armour Whey Triple Blast contains DigeZyme®, a multi-enzyme complex which contains an abundance of amylase, lactase, cellulase, lipase and protease which will support the digestive system, providing better release of nutrients and protein synthesis.


How to use

Direction for use: To prepare one serving, add 1 scoop (approx. 33g) in a Shaker & 150- 200 ml chilled water. Shake well before drinking.

Recommended Usage: Consume 1 to 2 serving per day or as depending on your daily protein requirement. For best results take single serving immediately after workout.

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